What Are Gold Buyers and What Do They Do?

According to the historical trends in the gold market, it is expected that the demand for gold will be higher than its supply. Economists predicted that 2020 will be a significant year with the possibility of another recession and a financial crisis that will affect the entire world. They are systematic vulnerabilities within the IMF and when you factor the debt bubbles in both the public and private sectors, things look bleak. Bleak is good for the price of gold and there is a rise in the number of Cash for gold outlets  that want to buy any gold items that you have to sell.

So, what is a gold buyer?

The simple answer to that question is: gold buyers are professionals skilled in evaluating, selling or buying gold in various forms. They trade with a private gold seller, auction houses, refineries and almost anyone who is in the gold business.

They are experts at testing gold jewelry for its quality and its financial value. Most Cash for Gold outlets are always up-to-date on the Market Price of Gold and they are a source of knowledge for anyone who wants to learn about the gold market in general and the best way to make money from your gold investment. Gold buyers also source items like gold coins for collectors and auction houses that deal with that kind of gold. Unlike cash-for-gold businesses and scrap gold buyers, gold buyers are interested in more than just the content of gold in a piece but they value the gold piece in its entirety.

There are two types of gold buyers: A scrap gold dealer and a bullion broker.

Scrap Gold Dealer:

A scrap gold dealer commonly advertise cash for gold.” They are looking to profit by buying unwanted gold such as gold jewellery and melting it down. Their margins are based on what that can re-sell the melted gold to the gold refinery. The price they offer is meant to favor them in case they melt something and it turns out not to be gold. Companies usually operate from a fixed store turn over the inventory of the gold the buy and sell fast. Running such a company costs money, so the company has to find ways to pass their costs to sellers and buyers, however, scrap gold dealers are always cashed up to buy.

Bullion broker:

Bullion Brokers work for themselves buying and selling gold bullion. They may associate themselves with buying scrap or unwanted gold jewelry. However, their primary focus is buying bullion to re-sell to investors. A bullion dealer stores large inventory and stocks many different gold items.

What Karat is it made out of in reference to gold jewelry?

A Karat is a unit used to measure the purity of gold. The high the karat the higher the gold quantity. The purest gold is 24 karat. Note that there is no such thing as 25 Karat as karats is part to 24.

The higher the quality karat, the higher the price you will receive from a gold buyer. Bear in mind that natural gold is yellow and any gold that comes in a different color was created by alloying with different base metals like copper, zinc, silver, palladium, and platinum. This mixing with other metals pure gold is downgraded

What Are Gold Hallmarks?

Gold jewelry often comes with hallmarks that provide useful information to a gold buyer who can information about where and when the gold jewelry was made and who made it. These are stamped to provide visible proof of the jewelry’s authenticity. It could help simplify the evaluation process.