The Format of Product Audit Services

Whenever the customer purchases a product, the first thing one does is look at the content. There are various things to see in the content written at the back of the product. From the manufacturing details to what it contains, and the expiry-manufacturing date, etc. These are the essentials carried by the customers, while the companies are the manufacturer or a third party vendor, need to check the products’ quality and requirements. The requirements, if met, are passed onto being sold to the customers, but if not, then the defect is tried to rectify and then presented to the customers. 

What is Product Audit Services?

Product Audit Services are the services of audit obtained to give the product quality. It defines a product audit means a physical examination of a particular product or service. The product can be anything, be it hardware, processed material, software etc. which needs to be evaluated. The need to assess the effects rises to confirm if the requirements are met or not. The whole system of specifications, performance, standards and customer requirements is considered. 

This also applies to Companies that distribute products manufactured by a third party. These companies need to have a specific responsibility to take care of the products and ensure that the products are okay to use. These companies must check for the products’ fitness, performance, and reliability. The Product Audit Services also contains the merchantable quality, and depending upon the whole market and geography; they will have to add statutorily. 

Sole Purpose Of Product Auditing:

The sole purpose of a product audit is to determine whether the final product obtained has any void or any defects or not. The product should meet the valued requirements. If it does not meet the criteria, the auditor should pick up the need to document the wrongs in the product. The whole new findings, listing the facts and then suggesting a corrective action to eliminate that particular problem is what one needs. 

What is the process of product auditing?

Product Auditing is much needed; one can get a third party to do it, or else the quality control/ auditor people can do it from the country. This will ensure that the product meets all the requirements or is of good quality when the customer gets the product. 

The process includes:

  • The foremost thing is to conduct a product evaluation for new products.
  • To check if the manufacturer’s claims regarding Certification are valid and fulfilled.
  • The whole point is to Identify and seek certification for other areas if required.
  • There should be compulsory conduction of audit tests on a statistical basis to ensure if the obligations are met or not. 
  • The regular product audit will bring forth the quality and requirements of the products on the forefront, and it will be apt for quality control.

What does KRT Audit company offer to their customer?

KRT Audit Corporation offers a lot of services to companies across the countries. The companies in China and Asia, along with some 70 countries are, benefited from the auditing of products right from the factory to being supplied to the customers. The full service includes the inspection, verification, auditing and scrutiny of the products.

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