Every dog owner wants to give their furry pal the best nutrition possible. But choosing premium quality dog food can put a strain on the household budget. With some savvy shopping strategies, you can provide a healthy, delicious diet without going broke.

The Difference High-Quality Makes

Before we dive into money-saving tips, let us talk about why splurging on better dog food pays off in the long run. Simply put, dogs thrive when they eat fresh, minimally processed whole food ingredients. Nutritious meals made with real proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies provide:

  • more bioavailable nutrients their bodies can actually absorb.
  • easier digestion and less gastrointestinal upset.
  • potential benefits like improved coat, energy, and lifespan.

Cheaper kibbles and cans often use a lot of low-quality fillers, byproducts, and synthetic additives that just cannot compare nutritionally. 

Shopping Secondhand & Discount Stores

Here is a thrifty secret: Buying from secondhand stores like thrift shops or online markdown retailers can save you big on dog food. As long as the food is still sealed with no visible damage, it’s fair game.

These outlets frequently have overstocked or discontinued dog food varieties from major brands at steeply discounted prices. It is a great way to stock up on high-quality kibble, freeze-dried, or dehydrated foods at a fraction of the retail cost.  

Making the Most of Sales & Coupons

Stay on top of sales ads, clip coupons, and make the most of loyalty programs to maximize savings on your dog’s meals. 

Many pet brands and retailers offer mobile apps that make scoring coupons and cash-back deals a total breeze. You can easily redeem digital discounts, earn rewards points, and get alerted to special promotions.

Considering Cold Pressed Dog Food Brands

One exciting new pet food category is cold-pressed dog food made using HPP (high pressure processing). While it may seem pricier upfront, cold pressed could end up being a cost-effective option long term.

Instead of high heat processing that damages nutrients, HPP uses intense cold water pressure to eliminate pathogens. This gentle method helps to retain more of the natural nutrition, flavors, and beneficial enzymes in those whole food ingredients. 

Since your dog’s body can absorb and utilize those nutrients better, they may require smaller portions to stay satisfied and healthy. The experts at Nextrition explain that less food being consumed equals lower overall costs over time. Pretty cool payoff for splurging on the good cold pressed dog food brands

Buying in Bulk or Subscribing

Most pet food brands offer money-saving bulk purchase options or subscriptions that deliver automatically on a regular schedule. These programs can slash 10-15% off retail prices by buying larger quantities.

With a subscription, you can factor your dog’s daily portion and set deliveries for every 1-3 months. No more constant trips to the store or financial headaches trying to budget for pet expenses. The convenience alone makes subscriptions worthwhile!

Get Creative with Meal Toppers

Even if you do feed kibble as the base of your dog’s diet to save money, you can give it a nutritional boost through meal topping. Things like:

  • plain cooked meats or fish.
  • fresh fruits and veggies.
  • plain yogurt or cottage cheese.
  • seeds, nuts, and oils.

Adding just a few tablespoons of these whole food toppers provides extra protein, fiber, vitamins, and moisture while requiring less kibble per meal.


Your dog doesn’t need some designer boutique diet to be healthy. Paying attention to ingredients, shopping strategically, and utilizing affordable options like cold pressed dog food and meal toppers provides well-balanced nutrition on a budget. Furry friend satisfied, wallet equally happy.

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